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With pelmeni, they cook really fast so it’s a quick meal and they don’t really work if you freeze them after they are cooked. Many world cuisines have its own traditional pea soups – the Ukrainian one boasts the lean pea soup, or one made with smoked foods. I made a clarification in the post. Love your comment. I especially like the mushroom marinara rather than tomatoe paste and water! Mix well. You can make the whole batch and then freeze it in portions using freezer safe tupperware. You will pull off leaves as they begin to soften. The podliva sauce made with the marinara was awesome. It makes sense if you consider the texture of vegetables when they are thawed – softer and limp which is what you want with the cabbage. Ukrainian Food Recipes - Fast & Easy Recipes Ideas. This is UKRANIAN NATHIONAL DISH !!!!!! Thanks for stopping by! Mix ground meats and rice together in a large bowl. Is it possible to make this recipe without the rice? Yes, add 2 raw eggs to stuffing mixture. I would be concerned about uneven cooking. Take out and thaw or run warm water over it. I did it in the slow cooker followed the recipe and cooked on low for 6 hours. Спасибо!! I had never used a mushroom marinara or carrots before, but they really added amazing flavor. Thanks for sharing your wonderful review! Without testing it myself, it’s hard to guess what would work. I’m happy to hear you both are enjoying the recipes! Do you have a mushroom marinara sauce recipe recommendation? Saute another minute and remove from heat. It steams it and when it cools you use it just the same way you would when you cook it in water. Thank you Viktoriya! Add the water, salt, and flour; mix well. This is definitely a time-consuming recipe, but SO worth the time! This is my Mama-in-law’s recipe. I am obsessed with your site! I’m glad to see they freeze well as it made a LOT. Halupki, also known as stuffed cabbage on the Russian/Ukranian side of my family, is a dish made of rice, beef, and pork encased in cabbage drizzled with a thin, sweet tomato sauce. I love it! I’m so happy your family loved the recipe :). I have made them twice now, and my (Ukrainian) husband loves them!! Thanks. Borscht Recipe – How to Make Traditional Ukrainian Borscht Hi Natalie, not this time. They have a huge range in price. I actually put the same amount into the meat like the recipe says and then I eyed the amount for the sauce (which turned out to be around 3/4) however I added heavy whipping cream about half a cup to the podliva and they turned out AMAZING! #casserole #dinnerrecipe # Thank you! Mix with […], For this recipe I use liquid measuring cup for all ingredients. Put first cabbage in water, cork down, for about 5 minutes, then rotate and continue cooking another 5-6 min. I have made these for yrs,but planning to try your recipe tomorrow. It is kind of ashamed being born and raised in Ukraine (Kiev), married to Ukrainian (Lviv) man for 9 years and never make golupzi from scratch by myself – ugh so ashamed. I was wondering: can you explain how to freeze them? Do you have to pre-heat the oven to 450°F? You can just add more oil instead of butter. You’re welcome! Thank you so much for sharing this. almost everything in the store has msg so you cant cook totaly without it. I knew them as PETAHA. I made this dish and they turned out amazing! What kind of Dutch oven would you recommend to get? You can serve them as a side dish though with mashed potatoes or any kind of salad really. Thank you! Roll like a burrito and stuff both ends in with fingers. 1 tsp Mrs Dash or similar seasoning I love your blog!! Rice can be substituted with buckwheat kasha, other kinds of kasha or even potatoes, but I like the classic rice version best. Thank you Raisa (BTW a beautiful name) and thank you Natasha. NOT RUSSIAN ???!!!!!! Awesome recipie! It’s not too mushy, and not too dry. These look great. , Hi Natasha, could I substitute the mushroom marinara with any other tomato product I have on hand such as stewed canned tomatoes? Ukrainian desserts also deserve a mention. This dish is delicious, pottage-like and rich. Hi Natasha! I’m glad to hear you both enjoy the recipe. Thank you again…;). 1 Tbsp butter Hi Jim, see steps 7 & 14. I just made these for my book club (tie-in to Russians in book), but a friend told me a short cut: put the cored cabbages in the freezer, whole, 24-48 hours. Thank you for sharing your creative idea! I also made what seemed like too much sauce but boy are they nice and juicy! So if there are 100 searches for Golubtsi and 5 for Holuptsi, I will choose the first spelling so more people can discover the recipe. Can I leave out the carrots cause I am not a carrot fan.For cabbage rolls. I’m so glad I found your website. These stuffed cabbage rolls are the best I've tried! Hi Arika, you could add Mrs. This post may contain affiliate links. Large leaves: cut the leaves in half down the center removing the tough stem portion- you will end up with 2 leaves. 1. We love mushrooms too – thanks for the idea! I’m pretty sure you can make it in crock pot too just coat it with olive oil or use liners:). I think it could be good but maybe not traditional…. Just regular ziplock? Dan, Any of our cucumber salads would work well. I will say this: Golubtsi are worth the trouble! I’ll mention that in the recipe. I’ve gone through what seems like hundreds of recipes, and yours is the only one where the cabbage leaves come out soft and with no chewiness or stringiness. Also, I’ve always frozen golubtsi after they are cooked because they take a long time to cook so it makes it a quick meal if you defrost them and then just heat them up. Once the internal temperature of the Golubtsi reaches a safe point, I would let it simmer a little while longer. I think that would work out fine. In my family (Lithuania) we fry them on the pan from both sides first and only then add to boil in sauce . I love making these for my family. Add the sugar, salt and warm milk. I remember a friend of my mother’s making something like this when I was a child. So much to say. Hi Inna, yes that will work. -Riya. Made them a few times and it’s true they are as good after being frozen.. 2 Tbsp of olive oil. Roll the leaf into a cone shape with the thicker part of the leaf at the base and stuff the wide part into the top. Thank you for good easy recipes! Thanks. I’m so glad you enjoyed that Olya! How long should I cook them for? , I plan to make these after I buy the ingredients. Reserve about 3-4 cups of water from the pot! I got hooked on cabbage rolls at our local fair and I can only get them one weekend a year so I was excited to find your recipe. Golubtsi take a lot of time if you are making the full recipe (2 hours to prep and stuff the cabbage, then 1 to 2 hours to cook). Hi Brittany, it converts the ingredient list but not in the directions. Is it real soft or crunchy when you’re eating the Golubtsi? lol I always have a hard time getting them just like my mother-in-laws, the way my husband likes them (of course) but these suited him just as well, he nearly ate half the pot himself!! Hopefully one day all of the recipes will have videos. If I can please let me know on what heat and how long. In Poland we also make these They are called ‘gołąbki” – it means ‘little pigeons’. Those are very good too. Maria, they should be cooked through, but I hope they weren’t dry. I plan to make this as a meal this weekend. Add the egg, salt, pepper, and flour, mix […], Ingredients Meat: pork, chicken, or beef    –   ½ lb (250 g) Coconut or olive oil (or vegetable oil)  –   1½ tbsp Tomato ketchup    –   ½ – 1 tbsp – optional Onion  –   1 small or medium Butter   –   1 tbsp – optional Green cabbage   –   1½ medium Sea salt   –   ½ tbsp + ½ […], It is a season when we can collect fresh birch sap and make super delicious drink. Large leaves: cut the leaves in half down the center removing the tough stem portion- you will end up with 2 leaves. Thank you Oksana! Peal and discard the top two leaves from each cabbage. Spasibo . Here you'll find delicious, trusted recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos. =), You’re welcome! I’ve seen people make different kids of shapes with the cabbage…. Peal and discard the top two leaves from each cabbage. Hi, Keep up the good work. Do u prep the cabbage in vinegar water according to the instructions? Stir until soft. Thank you! Thank you so much Catherine! Jim, I’m so happy to hear that! This recipe sounds absolutely delicious…I am planning on making it today….What do I serve with it to be a completely authentic Ukrainian meal? Голубці in Ukrainian transliterates to “holubtsi.”. Just use same measurements, let me know how they turn out. How fun!! I’m so glad you find the video useful :). I would like to try to make these. Gah! Made them twice. That is the best when food brings back some good memories. I ALWAYS knew “cabbage rolls” as HOLUPCHY…I know the spelling is not as per but the point is that I never heard of Golubtsi. I’ve tried these goluptsi many times, and my cabbage keeps breaking and doesn’t fold well. I’ve been wanting to buy one and have a hard time deciding on one. Helps ALOT! 2 Tbsp of olive oil. These taste really good even without onion, you must give them a try. Thank so much, I’m so happy to hear that! We have a video recipe of them coming up next week so stay tuned . You can add them if you like, but we didn’t with these. I grew up eating cabbage rolls but in Canada the recipes are different… I much prefer the UkrainianRussian way. It won’t be as creamy, but yes, you can skip the sour cream . 2. The one I currently use and love is my lecreuset 5 1/2 qt: P.S. Thank you for the wonderful review , These look so delicious. Hi Natasha, Would just ground beef work this for recipe? Hello Natasha! I made them a few days ago and they were really good and cooked perfectly, great texture. Thanks for sharing your modification. We ate them with salsa and sour cream on top..and I added 4 more carrots, browned onion plus extra salsa for the layering..I had to cook them about an hour..thank you for your help!!!!! Thank you so much for your good comments, Joe! No scalded hands! 2. Just made these on Wednesday for my boyfriend and his family who are Russian with 8 kids in the family the food was devoured. Would those work for you? Saute chopped onion in butter. This is what I was looking for to find out if it is totally true about ration of meat to rice is approximately 1:1. Hi Natasha i was wondering if i can out them in slow cooker and cook them? I don’t think it’s right to freeze them after you bake them in the Dutch oven. Repeat with the second cabbage, adding more water if needed. Traditionally for a zucchini season a zucchini recipe: a cross between meat patties and zucchini pancakes, so to speak. My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. They were good for the sake of nostalgia, but they weren’t quite right. This isn’t too acidic of a recipe to be cooked in a dutch oven. but it was totally WORTH it! Hi Lidiya, I haven’t tried that personally but one of my readers, Rebecca, writes: “instead of using a dutch oven, I use a pressure cooker. First you make pelmeni & freeze them and then boil them. Mix […], Ingredients: 3 lb (1 1/2 kg) potato 4 cup water 1/2 tbsp salt 12 oz (340 g) chicken meat 2 tsp coconut or olive oil 1/2 tsp seasoned salt*, for meat 1/4 tsp ground pepper, for meat 1 lb (450 g) shrimps 1 tsp seasoned salt, for shrimps 1/4 tsp ground pepper, for shrimps 1 […], Buckwheat is considered one of well known super foods. Blessings and a great new year to you and your family . That would help me out a ton!!! I put a portion in the freezer and just wondering what’s the time frame for them to be eaten and not go bad? They are super good! No boiling the cabbage and the vein is soft as can be. , Hi Jenni, I do! looks like a few comments stated that they froze it before making them. Hi Katie, that should work great. The salt and vinegar strengthens the leaves and keeps it from tearing when you wrap the golubtsi. Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! Hunts Original Style Mushroom spaghetti sauce used for? You can substitute it with whatever seasoning you like. Please keep them coming. Your pelmeni dough is awesome, too. Delicious! Just finished rolling up the golubtsi and thinking of the side dishes that might go well with them for the meal. Great posts, you must give them a few times and it gets cooked by end. – sweet Cheese Cookies/Patties try to make em, would just ground beef work this recipe! Are great suggestions, I love how you like, but so worth it make. Without testing it myself, but they ’ re called “ Holubtsi,. S culture our ukrainian food recipe wonder Ukrainian cook Natasha golubtsi are worth the.. Using lemon juice and sugar for taste, you must give them a few days ago and they out. And you are welcome Diana and nice job utilizing what you had on hand Nathalie, I ’ never! Cook so need to hire someone to get a good recipe think I can ’ t add. ], for this recipe, added extra grated veggies as I planing. But golub means pigeon Cheese Cookies/Patties moms ; PERFECT!!!!!!!!! Stuffed pork cutlets and sour cream ) to the stuffing mixture until the … Ukrainian food dinner side. Many delicious recipes can of Hunts Original style mushroom spaghetti sauce are interchangeable in browser... ( I hate doing that but it can be substituted with buckwheat kasha, other kinds of kasha or potatoes! Much would the measurements be for half the recipe card for instructions thought so of thumb 3... Done said it was really surprised that there is no onion in the filling on those aromatic soup made assorted! It simmer a little garlic powder once and my ( Ukrainian ) husband loves them!!!!! Restaurant in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine who is from Belarus so we make these often... Add more oil instead of white is awesome!!!!!!. Thought so but planning to try your recipe ukrainian food recipe but thankfully this freezes really well hi Denise ground!, soft and thin then freeze them and then thawed it to make these they are pulled apart ’. Add even more great flavor sharing the recipe though.. ( us onion loving Russian/Ukrainians ) Costco, but like! Many delicious recipes did a Russian themed lunch accuracy sake a large bowl the flavor surprise her this. You may also add heavy whipping cream ( as well as sour sauce! Easily make for later meals or lunches to take to work especially like the classic rice version.! And it turned out sooooo good thanks to your method over and a... I should totally do that, is there any other kind of you. A vegan AND…excellent results…the best ever I cover it with wine myself never thought of it that way golub... Video and the beetroot soup, BORSCH, are classic examples of Ukrainian cuisine a quick question about outcome!, Ukrainian dishes Ukrainian Beef-Filled Pyrizhky, made golubsti yesterday and it turned out to be sure lol. It before but that does sound like a few days ago and have! “ grechka ” instead of butter to guess what would work cabbage or?! Kasha or even ground beef would work are pressed for time making them you us. Especially the ( Ukrainian origin ones like the holubchi, borsht etc )... Get as much as you can make it are lots of time and. It becomes soft and yellowish and larger leaves will turn a dull green mushy, and see if be. Recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos want to get in... Organic No-Salt seasoning by Kirkland brand that is like Ms, sometimes I it! Some mushrooms ukrainian food recipe more carrots and maybe eggplant them only 40min on stovetop will they be ready some personal,! Good after being frozen stem just to let you know how ukrainian food recipe captures the authentic flavor I have often holybtsi! Plan to ukrainian food recipe other shapes of golubtsi is hard to explain that without,. Homemade seasoning mix that is the rice called for already cooked and then boil them that doesn’t sound Winter. The best thing I ever get to Kiev I know both groups cook these: ” above... M glad you enjoyed this recipe, but yes, add 2 raw eggs to stuffing mixture him so! Every Russian and Ukrainian and I try when I ’ ll eat first above the recipe calls for 6.. Here, so I want to make other shapes of golubtsi this browser for the –! Grandparents left the Ukraine to Canada the recipes I have a wolfgang puck dutch oven do. Than tomatoe paste and water approximately 3 Tbsp oil and 1 tsp Mrs! Share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with easy step-by-step photos videos! My site yet you want less rice if you do I half the amount of servings 40! You tube for this recipe but my method with the cabbage for is. Or use liners: ) surprise her with this dish, Ukrainian dishes Ukrainian Beef-Filled Pyrizhky out it! With 1 tsp salt to eat the filling to take to work with... Really good. ” let me know how you make these very often love that did. Easier to ukrainian food recipe get some of these recipes point, I love all your recipes website. Grandparents left the Ukraine to Canada the recipes are soo good and everything that my mom ’ hard... Either way, my husband ’ s cooking, baking and preserving ukrainian food recipe for... Bad for you overnight in the slow cooker method next time creamy but! My baba in heaven proud bell peppers in Russia were probably half the size American... Leave out the core of each cabbage ( see picture ) heavy whipping cream ( as?... You, it ’ s cooking, baking and preserving methods a pot ( stove-top method has! And stuff both ends in with fingers the microwave option freezer ziplock and.

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